Essay on Why I Am A Writing Class

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You would think a writing class would only teach you how to write papers, but not until college did I realize the complexity of a writing class where other than writing it integrates methods of research, reflection, and reading for instance I never realized the complexity of reading and what to simply look for when reading text. In high school the idea of talking to the text where writing notes on the side while reading normally gave me enough information to get by. Thus never grasping the complexity of the text because the means were unknown. It was not until I was introduced to the rhetorical situation diagram in 1020. Prior to the rhetorical situation diagram we were given an assignment where we were to interpret three different viewpoints central around a single argument about oil. From prior knowledge about how to construct an argument I was to explain how the each writer proposed and sought out their argument. From what I initially knew about how to propose an argument I only focused on the context essentially what the words were saying at face value, not all the underlining ideas of the rhetorical situation where other than the context it 's about encompassing the intended audience, how the writer is conveying his argument, and the subject. To ultimately create this deeper understanding of text.
This dynamic of a rhetorical situation to grasp a better understanding of my reading was applied when given the task to evaluate and write a blog entry for various…

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