Essay about Why I Am A Wartburg College

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I had a difficult time figuring who I was. In my search, I found that I am a person loves helping others than people helping me. I love learning and being happy. I like asking God for help than people because I know he is the only one that truly understands my intension. I realized that there is only one person that can save me from my suffering. I attest to this because I have escape death at least twice in my life. Therefore, I believe there is purpose for me. I realized that I enjoy expressing myself to others and what I portray is what others would think of me. I think that is why I choose Wartburg College. When I visited Wartburg, I felt more at peace with myself. Wartburg was a place for me to really discover who I was. Even though, at times I am not happy with my choices as a person, I realized no one actually cares but me. As corny as it sounds, I can control seventy percent of my life and the thirty percent of my life are uncontrollable events.
My experience has allowed me see that things like suffering and frustration are only temporary. I now look at life’s tragedies as a sign of temporary situations. I been through much suffering that it amazes that I still standing. This is why I believe in God so much because he saw he thorough. I grew in a community where negativity was the only form of belief system these people practiced. In the community I grew up, they believe that getting a high school diploma was the highest thing a female can achieve. Most people…

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