Why I Am A Teacher Essay

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At first, having the task to interview a teacher, I thought that it was an unnecessary and an inconvenient project. It is amazing how my opinions changed over the course of time with this project. This assignment was very helpful for helping me decide whether or not I want to teach, which is a relief to me. As I was talking to my step-grandmother, Kathy Mersch, she expressed her love and passion for what she used to do in the classroom; she was an elementary teacher. All of my current questions about teaching were finally answered by someone who has had plethora experience and I’m so happy that she shared her knowledge with me over the challenges, experiences, and beliefs with the education programs.

In this interview, Mrs. Mersch stated multiple times when I asked what could better prepare us future teachers, that classroom experience would help overall. Before having this interview, I was still not placed in a school for our field placement in the course, so when I heard her say this I automatically got worried and nervous that because I am missing out on so much time in the classroom, will I still truly be a good and successful teacher. Mrs. Mersch made it clear that you can never prepare yourself for a new job in one of the questions I asked, but when she stated this she brought up the point of being open to new ideas. When she was saying this, she made me realize that overall, I am going to have to be truly open to every concept when preparing to be a teacher.…

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