Why I Am A Teacher Essay

1479 Words May 15th, 2016 null Page
This semester, I have learned plenty of concepts and material that have shaped my teaching methods. Our class has helped to develop a strong curriculum, but also, to understand the needs and reality of every student. Also, the lectures, reading, guest professors and our visits to DCP have helped to understand why I want to be a teacher. I have learned and realized that as a future teacher, I am not going to be able to take care or help every single student, but I will do my best to assist them as much as I can. For instance, Professor Julia Gonzalez mentioned that in the first couple of years, teachers take too much responsibility and as a result, they burn out in less than four years. Moreover, I have learned about the importance of demonstrating who I am and what I am willing to bring to the classroom environment. In teaching, it is not all bout authority and power, but it is all about creating learning environments where teachers and students can connect by appreciating their strengths and weakness. If we as teachers want our students to give their best in the classroom and outside of the classroom, we must lead by example. For example, Ms. Haro stated that she will not ask her students to do something that she is not capable of doing. Also, I have learned that importance of creating an environment that honors the learning process because not every student is at the equivalent level of writing, reading and presenting. Instead of punishing and bringing down their morale,…

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