Why I Am A Teacher Essay

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We started the first day of this course talking about teacher identity. I do not think my opinion about my identity as a teacher has changed drastically during the semester. I did change some aspects of the way I teach, however I still do not completely identify myself as a teacher. That is because I am a graduate student and I want to be successful as a student, before being successful as a teacher. I enjoy teaching right now, but I think that when being a teacher will be my full time job, then my opinion about my teacher identity will change more.
Some aspects that I did not reflect much about before teaching are ethical issues in the classroom and I am glad we got the chance to discuss them. If you teach a class with students with different cultural backgrounds some issues will most likely arise. I know that it will happen for me next semester in my ESL class and I want to be prepared to face possible challenges. In my opinion, a good approach is to clearly set the rules from day one. Perhaps the students are not used to attend class every day in their home country or turn in assignments once a week. I believe that if you tell the students how it is going to be, when the assignments are due, and that attendance is important, then there are no excuses for the students to not respect these rules. This is something that I will do next fall. Also, I am glad we talked about plagiarism in class; since it is an important matter I want my ESL students to know about it so they…

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