Essay on Why I Am A Teacher

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The thought of majoring in education first came into play when I was in high school. In my freshman year I became very close with my English teacher, whose club I later became a member of. In meeting this teacher he gave me the insight that caused me to begin thinking about the field of education. As one of his students I learned that a teacher is not only defined by the professionalism they must have among colleagues and students. Although a teacher must have a form of professionalism one should also make each moment with their students a memorable one because they must be able to enjoy and show passion within their work and teachings.
I believe that education is key to a growing mind. The core curriculum is a necessity for teachers following the right guides in which they will use to help educate their students. I believe that education is needed in order to succeed in life and achieve the goals people have set for themselves. As a teacher one must have true passion in the subject in which they have chosen to start their career in. Upon choosing their specific subject to study, perfect, and teach, a teacher must show their love and compassion when providing their students with the information they must learn in order to succeed and progress in life.
“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” Benjamin Franklin states this in meaning that a teacher must work with the students closely in order for them to fully grasp the concept of a…

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