Why I Am A Teacher Essay

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As children we are often asked what we want to be when we grow up; the answers range from firefighter, doctor, president, astronaut, veterinarian and many more. When asked this question my response was that I wanted to be a teacher or more specifically a math teacher. At the time I was never really sure why, but as I have grown up and looked back on my experiences in school it has become clear I wanted to be a teacher; this being because I loved to learn and I love to help people. I think that my love for learning is one of the main reasons I wanted become a teacher because no matter what is going on something is always learned. So with my passion to learn and wanting to help people, teaching is the only thing that really made sense to me. When considering to become a teacher I have looked back at what I liked about my academic career and what caught my attention. There are several lessons and assignments that stood out to me. One of my first mathematical experiences that I can remember took place in kindergarten. The hundredth day of school was coming up, which meant that each student needed to bring in one-hundred different pieces of one item. I had decided that I wanted to bring in one-hundred hair elastics, so I counted out all my hair elastics until I got to one hundred. However, once I was done I wanted to keep counting, so I went around and counted one hundred things all over the house.
Another math assignment that I really enjoyed was when the teacher told us we…

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