Essay on Why I Am A Teacher

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The aspiration to be a kindergarten teacher was not one that I realized for a long time and for my entire high school career I took the steps I taught I needed to be a physical therapist. One week into the first semester of my freshman year in college, I changed my mind. As of now, I have many goals to reach with my career and a fairly solid plan of how to accomplish them. First, I plan to receive a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education. After that I’ll teach in South Carolina and my hope is to find a position at a private, Christian school.
It took a while to fully develop what I wanted in a career of teaching because I had wanted a completely different life before that. However, it is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Thinking back on the decision to change my major, it just felt right, but after learning about the practical impact and uses that sociology has on our lives, I realized why I made that choice and why I hadn’t done it sooner.
Utilizing the first practical use of sociology that we spoke of in class, sociology requires us to rethink the stereotypes that we have about others and the world around us, I assessed all of the stereotypes about teaching I had been raised to believe. As one goes through life being told informed of how things are by various important influences in their life, often they don’t stop to question if those stereotypes are actually wrong.
Some of the stereotypes about teaching I realized weren’t necessarily fact. The first thing…

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