Why I Am A Student At The University Of Washington Tacoma Essays

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Time is money, or the only true currency, that’s what people say. I have learned throughout life that this is true; and that, like it or not, time and money are our two most important assets. Growing up as a child sometimes with very little money, as my (then) single mother worked to keep food on our table; I realized that hard work and persistence through difficult times is what pays off in the end. I also know that time is valuable and it needs to used doing things that will serve you and your future. I know now, at 27 that that is what it takes to really succeed in the world. Success to me isn 't necessarily monetary, but a feeling of pride in what you do, what you have accomplished and knowing that you have the skills to accomplish even more. I am currently a student at the University of Washington Tacoma, taking business classes in hopes of being accepted into the Milgard School of Business. I may not have a stellar GPA, I know that my time as a student has been rocky. I have had problems with ADD all my life and have struggled with focusing on one task at a time. I have had issues in my home life growing up that affected me enough to impact my studies. Throughout college I have also always been a full time worker, which has been a balancing act. I am currently working full time as an executive accounting assistant at a German company. I have been with the company for 7 years and worked my way from receptionist to having my own office and being in the accounting…

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