Essay on Why I Am A Research Award

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Below I am discussing, at length why I believe I should receive the Research Plus Award, addressing each point of the Researcher Excellence Framework, giving evidence how the past two and a half years have contributed to my personal and my career development.
1. Knowledge and Intellectual abilities
a. Knowledge base
Throughout my PhD I have been able to attend a number of courses organised by the QUB postgraduate centre, which allowed me to further my knowledge and gain valuable skills within my PhD and beyond it, thus increasing my employability. These include for example ‘Leading your PhD’, ‘Better power point presentations’, ‘Applying your research into policy’, ‘Introduction to project management’, ‘Introduction to thematic analysis’ and ‘Communicating postgraduate research skills to employers’. Although attending events such as those was difficult at first as I am a naturally shy person in a new environment, I believe that I gained more confidence and began to be more open to meeting new people from different disciplines as I kept attending courses and workshops.
Moreover, in summer 2015 I was chosen to participate in the ICBM (Institute for Chemistry and Biology of the Marine Environment) summer school in Germany aimed at promising PhD students and postdoctoral students worldwide. Focus of this prestigious multidisciplinary summer school was on microbiology, chemistry, and physics of the water column of the North Sea coast. The scientific programme comprised excursions…

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