Essay on Why I Am A Leader Of Opposition For Some Strange Reason

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Always dreading the day I have to step back into that class. By that class, I mean Speech and Debate of course. The unknowing motion to argue or what side you have to support always leaves me unprepared and anxious. I have never been able to shake off the fear of having to stand in front of a crowd and give a speech. Even more so now because I am surely not one to think on the spot or bullshit my way through an assignment or speech. Especially this past Tuesday when I was given the motion of, “This house believes that women Feminist should actively encourage men to become Feminist.” All I could think about is, “How the hell do I argue against this?” since Anderson put me on opening opposition and I choose to be Leader of Opposition for some strange reason. I thought maybe if I went first on opposition, it would not be as terrible. As the 15 minutes of preparation went by, that was clearly not the case. My train of thought shot down into a downward spiral to somehow see how I could possibly find points to oppose this. I continued speculating the motion and it was no use, I thought, “In what way is having power-driven, obnoxious men’s understanding and supporting women’s rights in any form an awful belief for them.” At the end of 15 minutes, I managed to come up with one point to argue against the motion. Although it was not one of my brightest ideas, it was something on the page and to debate about. I talked for a whopping one minute and 40 seconds out of a possible 5…

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