Why I Am A Hearing Essay

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Imagine you’re just watching tv then you hear a loud boom and suddenly your ears start ringing, days later you realize you can’t hear out of your left ear. Your life is changed forever. Sounds horrendous doesn’t it. In summer of 2015 this tragic incident happened to me. When it first happened, I let it take a toll on my life, then I realized, life has no limitations except the ones we make.

The first time I failed a hearing test was in the 3rd grade. I didn’t tell my parents because I didn’t want to wear a hearing aid. At the time I thought hearing aids were huge tan blocks behind your ears that only old people wear. I have no clue why my school never told my parents but yeah. It didn’t bother me much since it was minor hearing loss.
As the years progressed, I noticed I was losing my hearing. I still didn’t want to tell my parents about it even though it made my life harder. Keeping up with conversations in loud settings was hard, especially since all my friends throughout elementary and middle school were significantly shorter than me. Many people think my hearing loss is due to me listening to my music loud, but I only put my music loud because if it’s at a medium/low volume, I won’t be able to hear it. I believe the end of freshman year was the time I told my parents. I was fed up with not hearing people clearly and always saying “huh” or asking people to repeat what they said. My mom didn’t believe me, but my dad did so he made an appointment with the…

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