Why I Am A Girl Essay

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“When are you ever going to behave like a proper woman!” my mother shouted, as I walked through the door, dressed in a mini skirt and two hours later than my curfew. I rolled my eyes as a sixteen-year-old girl, whose only care at that moment is to get away from seemingly controlling parents. My father stood nearby, containing the anger he felt towards my attitude. This was a typical situation in my home growing up as a teenage girl in Canada. Being of Philippine descent, my parents greatly valued the Filipino principle of a conservative woman. As a child, I was keen on meeting these expectations. This all changed when I went through puberty and the cultural restrictions that prevented me from being a teenager began to weigh heavily on me. I protested for leniency from my parents but they refused simply because I am a girl. These limitations led me to defy my parents and pushed me to make decisions that they saw unfit for a girl. I was in a constant battle with my traditional parents and torn between my identity as a Filipino-Canadian.
As a teenager, I was questioning the ideologies of what a woman should be in both the Filipino and Canadian cultures. My understanding of gender inequalities truly developed in the later years of my education as a Social Work student, when I first took a Women’s Studies course. I became aware of the fact that as women, we experience varying degrees of social inequalities in our lives. As a woman of color, I was introduced to the concept of…

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