Why I Am A Freelance Blogger Essay

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When I first took the step to become a freelance blogger, everything I wrote was based on what the client wanted, and pitching them posts which I thought would be useful. When it came time to publish posts to my blog, I was left scratching me head.

I knew that good blogging is a great way to get clients, but it was difficult to choose exactly what to write about. If you have this problem, it can be overwhelming. It can be easy to go for that scattergun approach in order to appease any potential client who stumbles on your blog.

If this sounds like you…. hold on a sec!

Your blog should be based on what your perfect client would find interesting. For instance, a healthcare blogger could have a blog filled with in-depth articles on the latest scientific discoveries and how they think it could impact the healthcare industry.

Stuck for post ideas? Below are some places I like to visit in order to get the creative juices flowing.

Amazon (books section): Every bestselling book has a team of researchers behind it to make sure that there is a demand. Capitalize on this by looking at the types of books in the bestsellers category of your niche. Look at ways that you can use some of their ideas for your own blog.

Remember, if it is selling well on Amazon, there is a huge demand for that topic. Use this knowledge to deliver great posts which your audience can’t wait to share, thereby bringing in the clients!

Tip: Posts which strike a home run with audiences tend to have a…

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