Why I Am A Doctor Essay examples

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From a young age, children are asked what they would like to be when they grow up. For many seven-year-olds, the answers are very widespread from veterinarians or lawyers to infeasible careers like superheroes or mermaids. According to my mother, when I was very young, my dream was to become a taxi driver. However, from as far back as I can remember, my unwavering response was always, “I want to be a doctor.” Although the ideas of which type of doctor I would be changed from year to year, the outcome was always the same: I wanted to be in the medical field. Throughout my years of schooling, I completed classes such as biology and anatomy and physiology and the more medically focused classes I took, the more my passion grew. As I grew older, and the daunting deadline of choosing what exactly I wanted to do with the rest of my life drew nearer, it was actually my mother one day in my junior year of high school who said, “why don’t you look into becoming a PA.” The more I researched, the more I loved the idea of becoming a physician assistant. Although this career path was not the original ‘doctor’ that my seven-year-old self had perceived, the flexibility of switching fields, the increased time to connect with patients, and the teamwork aspect of the profession were the biggest determinants that physician assistant was the profession for me.
The road to becoming a physician assistant, however, has been far from easy. One of my biggest faults is that I tend to procrastinate…

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