Essay on Why I Am A College Level Class

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Countless people have shared with me the wisdom that college is one of the utmost important steps you can take in order to achieve your dreams. While it is definitely not the easiest step, I understand that it is a necessity in joining my dream career path. When I was informed that within my high school, I would have an opportunity to take a college level class, I immediately knew I would register for this class. I knew the curriculum of a college level class would be much more arduous than a typical high school English class, but I understood that with hard work I would be able to be successful within the class. While within this semester I have experienced plenty of highs and lows in this class, I definitely do not have any regrets about joining English 101. Throughout the semester I have learned how to enhance my writing process, as well as understand my strengths and weaknesses within my essays.
I have always had a general process, but being in a college level class has truly shown me the importance of having a thorough process to assist in perfecting my writing. I now have a specific process I follow every time I compose an essay. I begin by reviewing all of the resources and the rubric for the assignment supplied by the instructor to give me an idea of what needs to be included in the essay. I follow that up by creating a rough outline of my paper and creating a general thesis. I then look back at comments of previous essays and review the mistakes I had made in those…

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