Why I Am A Career Is The Best Out Of The Free Will Essay

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I grew up with the mindset that one has no purpose until one finds that which one is truly passionate about. Growing up in my family, although a large one was not much of a challenge in decision making because we were allowed to choose our paths. The challenge only lied in making the best out of the free will. I was quite good at several aspects of life, sport, music, math, et cetera but realizing my increasing interest and desire in interpersonal relations, helping those in need and understanding the human health, I decided to pursue a career in medicine.

In medical school, I developed a keen interest in the pathophysiology of diseases, how they affect the patients, how best to manage them, and how to prevent recurrences or co-morbidities. My interest was so strong that I was primarily selected to speak to the patients and their families on issues pertaining to their illnesses. I found that I excelled at this. With the same zeal, I started my internship year at the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital where I rotated through all the specialties. Although I enjoyed the rest of the clinical rotation, I developed a special interest in internal medicine. Whether it is the pathophysiology of the diseases, the stepwise and systematic pattern of reaching plausible differential diagnoses, or the fact that internal medicine provides a window to help discuss some preventable diseases and complications of some chronic illnesses with the patients is still unclear. I love every…

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