Why I Am A Business Information System And My Dream Job Essay

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First Night of Class
Unfortunately, I was unable to attend to the first night of class, but the first day for me was quite an experience. I have to confess that I have always suffered from glossophobia. Although it is one of the most common phobias that exist, in my opinion, most people can handle it better than me. For that reason, I was terrified to take this class and to face my fear of public speaking. I am well aware that overcoming this fear is extremely important for me to achieve success in my career field. My major is Business Information System and my dream job is to become an IT Project Manager. This will require for me to eliminate any barriers that keep me from having effective interpersonal communication, including my fear to social interactions. I have devoted time to work on identifying my major problem when communicating. I would like to target this issue and improve in every way possible. Apart from fear to public speaking, I also have difficulty expressing my thoughts verbally. For my daily basis, I rely on verbal communication due to the requirement of face-to-face interaction at work and school. As a result of this lack of ability that I sometimes encounter, I tend to have trouble translating my thoughts into words. That is when I find myself stumbling over my own thoughts. This could be due to the speed in which I generate ideas. I do notice that I am a rapid thinker, before I finish filtering an opinion I am already jumping into another. By the…

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