Why I Agree with Plato and Why Essay

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After doing research on Plato, ive come to find many people disagree with him. Plato is a rationalist, He says that sense experience fails to provide us with any guarantee that what we experience is, in fact, true. Plato's simile of the sun, image of the divided line, and allegory of the cave are intended to clarify exactly how the things we experience in the sensible, ordinary world are less real than the ideal models on which they rely for their existence. One of his theories I particualry agree with is knowledge. Plato was convinced that ethical conduct must be founded on knowledge, and that knowledge must be knowledge of eternal values which are not subject to the shifting and changing impressions of senses or of subjective …show more content…
They see only shadows. These prisoners represent the majority of mankind, that multitude of people who remain all their lives beholding only shadows of reality and hearing only echoes of the truth. Their view of the world is distorted by passions and prejudices. They cling to their distorted views with tenacity and have no wish to escape from their prison-cave. If they were suddenly freed and told to look at the realities of which they had formerly seen as shadows, they would be blinded by the glare of the light, and would imagine that the shadows were far more real than the realities. Growing into reality and the world around them. Plato is saying that most of humanity dwells in the darkness of the cave. They have oriented their thoughts around the blurred world of shadows. It is the function of educators to lead humans out of the cave and into the world of light. Plato explains the steps that a person takes when discovering the world of light as they awaken to their nature. The awesome genius of Plato was when he moved from believing to thinking. He moved from the visible world “out there” to the intelligible world “within” the person. Plato opened the doorway to science by characterizing thinking as symbolism for visible objects, and reasoning about hypotheses. From the excerpt in our book on Plato’s Knowledge is “Warranted, True Belief” Santa claus was used

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