Why Do You Require A New Battery For Your E Cig? Essay

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EVOD Battery KangerTech
Do you require a new battery for your e-cig? When fully charged, the KangerTech EVOD 900mah battery can produce almost 600 puffs. Its inbuilt regulator prevents it from being over charged. This feature is very handy as it makes sure that vapor production is consistent. KangerTech EVOD 900mah Battery can last up to 300 charge cycles before a replacement is required.
The KangerTech EVOD 900mah Battery supports and fits perfectly with all 510 Tread Cartomisers and comes in Black, Blue, Steel, Red, Purple and Hot Pink!. The KangerTech EVOD 900mah Battery requires the use of the EVOD-C to form a whole battery. The battery can be used alone or can be combined with the eGO series atomiser/cartomiser.
One of the best features of the KangerTech EVOD 900mah Battery is the “5 clicks to turn on”. This feature protects the battery and prevents you from turning the battery on unintentionally. When it’s in an off state, simply press down the power button 5 times within 2 seconds to turn it on.
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NEW! Auto cut off safety feature - Prevents over charging
Flush power button (BRANDED)
Battery: 900mah (8hrs)
Normal working voltage: 3.7
Colours: Black, Blue, Steel, Red, Purple and Hot Pink!
Auto cut off safety feature and KangerTech EVOD 900mah battery unit. Available in choice of desirable colours.

This high quality beautifully…

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