Why Did I Enroll in College Essays

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Why Did I Enroll in College

I often ask myself why. Why did you decide to go to college? Well first off, I have just started my family. So therefore, I am going to need to get my future set straight in order to support this family. What better way than to enroll in college? In this essay I will briefly explain why I enrolled in college. Also, the qualities I need to use in order to be successful in college. Qualities that I am going to use will definitely give me nothing but the best, and me personally I strive for the best. While in college I would love to gain the most out of it. The last thing I plan on talking about is certain obstacles I will have to overcome in order to be successful in receiving my degree. Why did I enroll
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This would be a great time to start practicing and getting better at it. Next, everyone has certain types of qualities they use to become successful. My biggest quality that I have with everything I do, I have a “never quit attitude.” I say this because regardless what I have to do, I will achieve my objective. A term one of my 1SGT used when I was in AIT (Advanced Individual Training) “Whatever it takes”. I have followed that saying ever since then, and it has brought me a long ways in a short amount of time. Another good quality that I can use to become successful would be that I am pretty good with computers. My job in the military deals with computers. So I feel I can get the job done with a computer. As of right now I have a fairly large amount of free time in order to complete everything needed. So I feel the quality of free time works well for me at the moment. With free time I can achieve anything. Also, there are a few things I would like to gain out of my experience in college. First of all, I would like to achieve my goal and receive my degree. That is definitely the biggest and by far most important goal I have set for myself. Receiving my degree will set me up for success. Another thing I would like to gain out of going to college, I would really like to become more proficient in all academic areas. While I was in school I liked to goof around too much, and never really paid

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