Why Children Act The Way They Do Essays

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Have you ever seen a young child so eager to get their little hands on an electronic device, for instance, a cell phone or a computer? Well I have, and most of the time they would end up turning into Daffy Duck from Looney Tunes, full of anger and stubbornness, because the word ‘no’ was their answer. Lately I have been curious to know why children act the way they do when it comes to electronics. From my experience I have seen my two nephews, who are three years old and five years old, often watch movies on a computer or play games on an ipad, but the minute it would be taken away from them they would start to express bad behavior. This is a problem that needs answers and solutions to prevent from future setbacks. For example, I would ask them to clean up the toys that they left around the house, but they would either ignore what I said or respond with a no. When I was assigned to do this Research paper, this topic immediately came to mind. I figured this would be a great opportunity to learn about the negative effects electronic devices have on young children. Thesis: Clearly, electronic devices have a negative impact on children under five years old, such as their psychological and behavioral health, social and personal skills, and meals and physical health.
Entertainment devices are affecting young children negatively in their psychological and behavioral health (Rowan). In the article, “Raise Smart Kid”, “the quality, quantity and consistency of stimulation…

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