Essay about Why Aaron Is Residing At Rts House Two

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At the time of this report Aaron is residing at RTS House two. On 1/4/16, this provider was informed that Aaron left RTS and was admitted into Harborview Medical Center for reasons still unclear to this provider. Since his admittance to Harborview Medical Center, this provider was informed that Aaron returned to RTS briefly then left RTS to reside with his mother, he then was admitted to North Sound Evaluation and Treatment in Skagit County. It should be noted that to date this provider has not been provided with reports or documentation as to the incidents/reasons surrounding Aaron’s placement the past several months.

At the time of this report the plan moving forward is to resume Aaron’s therapy appointments on 4/19/16.

Extreme behaviors
I have provided a therapy note sent to Jen Irons on 12.21.15 via email:

AB states that he has had non-consensual sexual contact with his housemate, JM, for the past several months. He was not able to give an exact date of when the sexual touching began, but indicated that it was around the time that the overnight staff, Kendra, began working. AB disclosed that the last time he had physical contact with JM was just before Thanksgiving 2015. AB disclosed that he touched JM 's buttocks, penis, neck, and chest, multiple times during this time period. He disclosed that he made sure there were no "witness", and a few times, he entered JM 's room, intimidated him, and then began to fondle JM 's penis and buttocks. AB disclosed that…

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