Who Is A Self Referral? Essays

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1. Rachel who is four and a half months pregnant made a self-referral because she is experiencing depression and domestic violence in her home (her initial need or concern). The first incident of abuse she experienced was one month after she married her husband. Her husband pulled her hair followed by an argument. When Rachel became pregnant, her husband told her to quit her job that she had worked for a long period of time due to his jealousy. When she was three months and a half pregnant, she once again experienced abuse. Her husband slapped her across the face because she complained to him about his alcohol issue and for pushing him away. Her husband batters her, especially when he consumes alcohol. After the last incident, Rachel left the house and temporarily moved in with her sister because she did not want to put up with his intolerable behavior towards her. Nevertheless, Rachel wants to return home to her husband because she thinks she overreacted when she left and because they both want to work things out, however, the husband does not want to attend any type of counseling.
Initial action must be taken immediately due to the concern of the unborn child’s health and Rachel’s well-being (social worker initial concern). Rachel and her unborn child were not safe in their home. If Rachel moves back home to her husband, it may bring serious consequences. For instance, if the domestic violence does not stop, her child is at risk of possibly getting injured inside her…

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