Essay on White And Black Actors From Getting Any Recognition

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For the second year in a row, not a single black actor received a nomination this year for the Academy Awards ceremony. Are white actors any better than black actors or is the Academy racist? What is keeping perfectly qualified black entertainers from getting any recognition? This deeply cut into the long going conversation about opportunities in entertainment for people of color and inequalities between white and black actors in the entertainment industry. Actress Jada Pinkett-Smith, actor Will Smith, and director Spike Lee boycotted this year’s Oscars because of the lack of diversity in nominations. Many people in the United States today do not see that the lack of people of color nominations as a result of racism. Instead, they accuse the Smith family being overly dramatic for not being nominated. They believe the lack of representation in nominations is due to the fact that there weren’t any performances by people of color that deserved nominations. I believe that the Academy is not at fault for the lack of nominations for actors of color. The real problem is racism embedded deep beneath Hollywood’s surface for being majorly controlled by the white population of the world and although it may not all be intentional, it is something that today’s society is demanding to change.
This lack of ethnic diversity in nominations for the Academy Awards is nothing new. In 2015, “Selma” was the only critically acclaimed that had major roles for black actors. Although “Selma” was up…

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