Essay on What 's More Disturbing About Loneliness And My Self Pity

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Every night I lay my head down to a pillow to close my eyes with no one there beside me. I wake up the next morning and there is no one there beside me. I am the twenty-nine year old single man in a Pentecostal Church. One after the other I have people ask when I 'm going to settle down and start a family. One after the other I watch friends younger than me marry and start their lives. I wonder with each passing day at the thoughts that go through my head about why I am inadequate and can not maintain a relationship over a short period of time and unable to get to the wedding vows. All these things and more are daily thoughts that I live with.

What 's more disturbing than my thoughts of loneliness and my self-pity is a sad, yet true trend I 've began to witness more and more over the last few years. That is the erosion of the sanctity of marriage in our churches. No I am not referring to the recent supreme court decision to bypass congress and legalize homosexual marriage in all states. I am referring to a trend I see among our Apostolic/Pentecostal young people where they aren 't coming into our churches with a scar on their life that reads divorce. They are cutting the scar into their lives shortly after claiming a garment of God 's will upon the relationship.

I will give this disclaimer before you continue reading; I am not perfect, if I 've made one mistake then I have made hundreds, nor am I claiming to have it all figured out.

There is a disturbing trend that has…

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