What The Self Is On The American And A Minority Essay

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A majority of philosophy focusing on what the self is in regards to white people. In the times of Aristotle and Plato, their beliefs only regarded white men. In a world where their opinions are more widely regarded than that of ethnic philosophers, people of color rarely get a chance to hear from ethnic philosophers on what the self means to them. According to WEB Dubois, an American black, or other person of color, is unable to be both an American and a minority. This paper will argue that despite DuBois’ belief that a person is unable to formulate a self due to cultural differences, it is possible for a black person or other minority to have a self and succeed despite opposition from the Caucasian majority.
Despite most Americans believing that we live in a post racial society, people of color are constantly trying to find equality in a country where being a white man is the goal. A goal that is all but unattainable to people who are not born into the privilege of being Caucasian. A huge way in which the inequality is seen is in the labels given to American born minorities in the United States. Native Americans. Latin Americans. African Americans. The common denominator is the origin of these peoples is the first thing they are associated with. No matter how much they would like to assimilate into the American culture, that part of their identity will always come second. The argument that all peoples born in the US are American negates the culture that each minority…

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