What Qualities Make An Effective Leader? Essay

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What Qualities Make an Effective Leader? In a 2008 International Journal of Operations & Productions Management article, “Leadership Styles of Effective Project Managers: Techniques and Traits to Lead High
Performance Teams”, researchers defining success, utilizing a four component model (Malach-Pines, Dvir, & Sadeh, 2008). Their model consists of key components identified as valuable assets for high performance teams; impact, business success, efficiency, and future preparation (Malach-Pines, Dvir, & Sadeh, 2008). Impact, includes the benefit to the customers, the products and their overall value to the customer; important for fostering the retention of clientele (Malach-Pines, Dvir, & Sadeh, 2008). Business success, is identified by analyzing the project and its overall performance, did the project proven to be beneficial to the company, did this project meet or exceed the goals of the organization (Malach-Pines, Dvir, & Sadeh, 2008). Efficiency, did the project run in a timely manner, were timeline projections accurate, reasonable and was the team effectively able to work within the timeline and remain within budget. If any unexpected issues arose, did the project manager supervise and encourage troubleshooting; effectively leading the team with confidence to complete their project (Malach-Pines, Dvir, & Sadeh, 2008). The fourth and final component is future preparation, did the project create any additional benefits for the company, new infrastructure or technology…

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