What People Make Up Our System? Essay

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In life finding balance is key to being well rounded in all aspects. When people often times talk about the justice system, they usually have nothing positive in response. What people don’t understand is that we the people make up our system. Within the last 200 years the method we choose to select judges has been a huge debate across the United States. Judges have many responsibilities that they uphold to help our justice system flow. The judges partake on the system is critical. They’re often times involved from the very beginning during some arrest like approving arrest and search warrants. They are sometimes seen as your chief and commander in the courtroom. They have the decision to sentence you which could end your ability to live the American dream. How we select these individuals to become a judge, comes with a huge debate. I believe that when selecting a judge we should analyze how each individual achieves the best balance of accountability and judicial independence. When talking about the issue of whether we should elect or appoint a judge, I believe that we should use merit selection. With merit selection I believe that this could help pull the system away from politics and focus more on how the individual performs. With merit selection I believe that it will give the more qualified person the upper hand in achieving the job. With merit selection I find that it is the best balance for keeping accountability and judicial independence.
Judicial independence is…

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