Essay about What Makes Someone A Mentor?

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Profile Essay

What makes someone a mentor? Do you know? Better yet what makes me want to proclaim someone as my mentor? It takes a person with certain characteristics or qualities. My mentor is an amazing chef characterized by her compassion, conviction, determination, and intuition. This is the story of my mentor’s life and the various things that tried to hold her back from reaching her goals and the four traits that she possesses that overcome those challenges.
My mentor’s compassion arose from her life. Her childhood was a good one even though she was afforded all the pleasures other children had. Her family grew up on welfare so they didn’t have much. Through not having a lot of material things she learned that if you want anything in life you would have to work hard for it. All around her were good and bad examples of what to do and what not to do, but she learned to get a good, honest job and work for what you want. Her profession does at times keep her away from her family. She has a daughter and a son by her husband although her daughter is off in the military she tries her best to make time for her husband and son. Often, she and her family have to make compromises, as her husband insists. Having only Saturday morning and Sunday off, they usually try to spend Saturday mornings doing whatever comes to mind before she leaves to go to work.
My mentor shows true conviction in everything she does. She believes that her purpose in life is to love God, and to show and…

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