What Is Right Or Wrong? Essay

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It is a known fact that no matter what, people will disagree on moral matters. A matter that may be “wrong” according to one group can be “right” to another. When those with differing opinions meet, disagreement will happen. Philosophers have long theorized on how to reconcile between the different sides of a conflict on what is “right” or “wrong”. The question is, who is correct on the matter of whether a belief or practice is right or wrong then? In a broader sense, how do we determine if something is right or wrong? Some theorists, like James Rachels, subscribe to the belief that what is right or wrong is purely relative to each culture and there is no universal rightness or wrongness. Others, like J.L. Mackie, argue on a more level that moves beyond cultures. Yet others argue against these theories, such as Bernard Williams against Rachels and Thomas Nagel against Mackie. The efforts at building a philosophy that successfully explains how to judge whether a “X is morally right or wrong is the most crucial debate that has emerged from the fact that differences and disagreements will always happen regarding moral matters. The numerous theories that have emerged have enriched our understanding of morality by attempting to provide explanations and ways to elucidate the roles “rightness” and “wrongness” play in a disagreement over morals and how moral judgements should be made. The existence of a universal (or objective) moral truth is the central question in this debate.…

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