What Impact Did Common Sense Have On America? Essay

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What impact did Common Sense have on America? To understand its impact, one must first understand its purpose. Thomas Paine wrote Common Sense during a time of tension between Great Britain and America. He wrote Common Sense for a specific purpose with a specific audience in mind. He detailed copious reasons why America should depart from Britain. He also included numerous justifications for independence. Common Sense had an immense effect on the colonists. Its effects ultimately led to independence from Britain. If Common Sense had not motivated the colonists to fight for independence, America may never have parted from Britain. There are several events that built tension between America and Britain. The accumulation of these events eventually led to the American Revolution. The origin of the war is considered to be the French and Indian War. Despite Britain’s victory, the colonists sustained burdening costs to compensate for the British financial deficit created to finance the war (“Common Sense”). Furthering the tension, various acts were passed over the course of several years. For example, the Quartering Act, the Stamp Act, the Townshend Acts, the Tea Act, and the Intolerable Acts were passed (Kelly). In response to the Tea Act,
Americans stormed a ship owned by the British East India Company and dumped large volumes of tea into Boston Harbor. In retaliation, the British Parliament imposed a variety of restrictions aimed at reasserting their control over the colonies.…

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