What I Know About Is Showing Respect? Essay

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In the world we live in today, everyone has different morals. Now, we all can think what we want about some of those morals, but some should just be natural to everyone. The moral I am specifically talking about is showing respect. Now, you all are at the age where you think you know everything, and some of you do. Then, we have those kids who think they know it all and do not have to show respect to anyone. Now, I know I cannot force you to do anything, but after this illustration, I’m hoping to have shown you why it is so important to show respect. Like I mentioned earlier, I know all of you are at the age where you think you know everything. The funny thing is, I was right where you were a few years ago and understand where you are coming from. Even though I felt like you do, I always had respect for others. The world that we live in today is very corrupt. When you watch the news, you are always hearing about women who were beaten up. No matter who you are, you never have the right to touch a woman with any intentions of harm. Recently in the NFL, a football player decided to put his hands on a woman in a way to hurt her. What he didn’t know was that the elevator, he decided to beat her up in and knock her unconscious was equipped with cameras. Later on, when he thought it was nothing, the video was discovered. The consequence for his punishment was being terminated from the team he was on. This is the perfect example of why you should always show respect. The football…

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