Essay on What I Have Learned About Professionalism

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Patient-Centered Experience To critically compare what I have learned about professionalism in healthcare to a patient 's experience I asked a person that I know some questions about a recent visit they had. I interviewed a woman whose initials are SB about an experience she had in a healthcare setting a few weeks ago. She had severe abdominal pain and went to an emergency room at a hospital in New Jersey. SB is always very vocal about her experiences in healthcare and her disgust about the lack of time most doctors give their patients nowadays. To my surprise she told me that her time in the emergency room was a positive one. Not only was she able to relieve her abdominal pain but she was able to do so in an atmosphere she felt comfortable in. From the time SB walked into the hospital she had positive interactions with all the staff members. When she first checked into the emergency room she told me she was apprehensive and nervous. She did not want to take away medical attention from the people who had true emergencies, yet at the same time was in extreme discomfort. She could not think of another place close by that she could go to. The woman that checked her into the waiting room did not minimize SB 's medical concerns which is something she was worried about happening. After a short wait SB was taken into a room and her vital signs were checked before she was taken back to a different room to be further examined. Although the room was divided and shared with two…

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