Weighing Against History: Revolution Versus Propaganda Essay

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WEIGHING AGAINST HISTORY: REVOLUTION VERSUS PROPAGANDA Introduction: The Philippine literature that we are using nowadays rooted merely from the revolutionary period during the Spanish colonization. At those times, Revolutionists emerged and wrote independence-based literary works that were brought by the misunderstanding of the aims of the propagandists and revolutionists. The propaganda movement only aimed for equality and reform of the Spanish constitution in the Philippines and not for total independence from Spain’s influence, which later on became the aim of the Revolutionists. In accordance to this, the study aimed to make a comparison: the Philippine Literature and History that that brought independence; and the …show more content…
It is clear to Bonifacio, together with the other revolutionists, that the Philippines will only be free of such slavery not only by writings and words, but also, by doing an act to finally throw them out of the Philippines.
“Reason exists because of freedom.” A line from the article, ‘Freedom’ from Kalayaan: a newspaper that contained literary pieces and opinions from notable names in history that aimed to make the word ‘freedom’ as a conceptual idea and make an initiative to attain it. In this article, existence was the word that will explain a true man’s need for freedom. Freedom co-existed with us from the day we were born, and if an individual upholds a threat to be slaved, then that individual’s existence is in peril as well.
“When there is no freedom, death is a thousand fold sweeter than life itself.”
The statement was said bleakly, but with the injustice that was happening those times, it is better to die with peace and freedom than living with cuffs and chains for the rest of your life. A line from ‘Freedom’ that was in fact figurative. The hidden idea that he wanted the Filipino people to realize was that death will definitely come ahead even if the Filipinos choose to fight or not. Therefore, it is right to say that it is in blood that the Filipinos exchanged vows in the Blood compact between King Sikatuna and Gov.-Gen. Legazpi in

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