Essay on We Learn About The Terrifying Times During The Holocaust

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Daniel Gendelberg 753

When we learn about the terrifying times during the Holocaust, the Nazis often come to mind first. Many ordinary citizens were trying to live their lives and support their families. The Nazis demanded that everyone follow their rules and beliefs, and that Jews should all be killed. Citizens decided the law was wrong when they understood that the Jews did no harm and saw the horrifying conditions of concentration camps. People were locked in wagons for days and had enormous difficulty because their limbs would not easily straighten from being squashed with others in the tiny wagons. Being a responsible citizen means to obey the law. Many times throughout the Holocaust, ordinary people turned themselves into rescuers and saved lives. These people saw the laws were erroneous, and turned their backs on the Nazis and their beliefs. In an act of civil disobedience, they refused to accept and obey the laws of the Nazis. When the Nazis invaded Poland first they forced Jewish people into ghettos, then began mass transports from the ghettos in Poland to the concentration camps, starting with those people viewed as the least useful: the jews, the sick, the old and weak and the very young. As people headed into concentration camps, they prayed, chanting phrases such as “God is one. God is Mighty. People were horrified, fearful, starved, and were living in unsanitary conditions. The Nazis made the victims look as inhuman as possible, attempting to deprive…

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