Was the American Revolution Inevitable? Essay examples

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Even with both the English and the Americans willing to compromise and make deals, it would have been very hard to prevent the War for independence. The American enlightenment, however, could have been stopped. A large majority of Americans wanted independence from England mainly because of the way they were being ruled. Of the Americans that wanted to break away were from many backgrounds, they came from all over the social ladder and from all over the world. If they didn’t all come together to be equal around each other then the War for Independence still would have happened, but the success and growth during and after the war would have never happened. It was never a sure thing whether or not the people would come together to move the …show more content…
This act showed England that the arguments were no longer about taxes, but about their control over the colonies. After the tea party, in May 1774, Parliament passed the Intolerable acts which closed the port of Boston to all ships until the lost tea was paid for, this call fell on deaf ears for something else was happening. In September 1774, 55 delegates from all colonies except Georgia met at Carpenter’s Hall in Philadelphia, they would be called the Continental Congress. They met not to discuss the war that many thought was unavoidable but about overcoming their differences. At this point, the American War for independence was inevitable. Although the war for independence was defiantly on its way, the American revolution was still unclear if it would be successful. No one was very similar to each other who was involved in the Revolution, they came from every part of the social structure and they all had different ideas. That’s why the Continental Congress gathered to talk about solving their pressing differences rather than war. Over time, colonists created a new political ideology that would greatly help the problem with all the differences. The ideology would later be called revolutionary republicanism, it was were all the colonists most important interests and experiences were connected. Revolutionary

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