Essay Video Games And Its Effect On The Young Players

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Many fans of the game play often downplay the breadth of the violence, saying it is minimal factor in the game play. Yet some games build a case against themselves, and reward things such as “headhsots.” Where having the adept skill to shoot your opponent in the head (a smaller, more difficult target) merit special recognition and bonus points, it makes the argument more difficult to prove. In spite of actions such as this, they hold to their opinion that partaking in these games don’t actually affect its young players. A twelve-year-old boy quoted in Mr. Bakans book shares insight into his thoughts, “It’s just fun blowing people up” (Bakan 20). Underage, self-professed avid gamer, “Eric” admitting “Violence (in video games) definitely affects the player, you get more used to seeing violence and you become more tolerant of it.” (Netzley 9). This shift in the children’s thinking has fueled a national debate on the topic. With many groups arguing that society’s overall acceptance and general passiveness towards violent material has America’s youth in a dangerous frame of mind. Aaron White and Scott Swartzwelder, adolescent psychologists and authors of What Are They Thinking?! write, “Repeated exposure to violence in video games has many dire consequences. It desensitizes players to violence. It diminishes the significance and consequences violent acts by rewarding violent choices” (White and Swartzwelder 238). This lack of moral compass in the youth playing these games which…

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