Video Game And The Targeting Of Our Children Essay

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Headshots: Violent video game and the targeting of our children
The proliferation of violent subject matter in marketing and entertainment is nothing new. Mass media and its deluge of blood soaked mechanisms have long served as a form of entertainment for consumers in search of a release from their mundane lives. Multi-national corporations plot ways to hype their newest video game to consumers hungry for a more realistic experience. Game studios produce hyper-violent fairytales where humans hunt and kill other humans and get rewarded for their unspeakable acts. Meanwhile, news streams provide the masses with a flood of information about mass shootings taking place in schools and movie theaters, atrocities increasingly being carried out by our own children. Why has our society and government taken such an apathetic position towards these scenarios? Where are the government led coalitions aimed at teaching kids to “Just say NO to violence” There appear to be ulterior motives behind the apathetic attitude towards these scenarios. It is evident that both large corporation’s and the government are responsible for the desensitization of violence to young consumers. in an effort to desensitize them from its malicious nature.
The technological advancements of home entertainment consoles such as X-Box One and PS4 owned by Microsoft and Sony respectively have created a virtual gold rush in the toy industry. “In 2009, Nielson Media Research estimated that 54 percent of US households…

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