Vaccines : The Lethal Myth That Parents Should Be Been Developed Beyond The Mind 's Comprehension

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To live in a time like this, where science and technology have been developed beyond the mind 's comprehension,the lethal myth that parents should be wary of vaccines due to safety and moral concerns such as fatal ingredients and personal freedom has warped societies sense when it comes to protecting loved ones. To promote the wellbeing of all citizens, vaccines should mandatorily be administered to school age children, regardless of parents personal uncertainty. Vaccines have saved the lives of 732,000 children and prevented illness in 332 million in the past twenty years, (Gholipour). Results such as these will not be possible in the future with the increasing trend of refusal to be vaccinated.
From Edward Jenner 's first vaccine that protected against polio to the eradication of measles in in 2000, vaccines have been effective in saving the lives of millions. Diseases that once rendered a village helpless within months such as polio are now no longer seen because of heros such as Jonas Salk. Getting a child vaccinated is not only for their safety, but for the protection of the people around them because of “herd immunity”. When enough people in an area are vaccinated against a disease the chances of an outbreak are highly unlikely. Those who can not get vaccinated rely on those who can. Vaccinations are also very safe with fatal allergic reactions occurring in one per million vaccinations. To quote Sanjay Gupta, chief medical correspondent for CNN, “you are 100 times…

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