Essay about Utopi A Perfect Society

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Good things are essentially impossible. That was the mindset Sir Thomas More had when he coined the term Utopia. More wanted to give his readers an idea into what a perfect society would be. Utopia was a perfect society in many ways, but it was also imperfect. More even realized this at the end of the book. Utopia is told through More about Raphael Hythloday’s experience in Utopia and how he thought it was perfect. Throughout Utopia we see many imperfections in the geographical context, marriage and divorce, and social relations. The geographical context of Utopia is one that is not perfect whatsoever. The island is in the shape of a moon and has many inlets and harbors. Within Utopia, there are fifty-four cities, all which are identical in everything from laws to language. Utopia has imperfections within the cities due to the way things are handled within the city. Each year, there are a group of people from each household that head back to the city. They lived in the country for two years to gain knowledge about farm life and learned the skills of a farmer. Utopia does not want one to have hard work for more than two years at a time, so that is the reasoning for the breaks. The reasoning why this is imperfect is because once someone starts a job they like, they do not want to finish it. Many Utopians enjoyed farming because it is knowledgeable to them. It should be up to the person whether or not they have to move back to the city or stay. Which, if they want to stay…

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