Utilitarian Interpretation Of The Novel ' The Four Love ' Essay

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Utilitarian’s know little of love, but that does not mean they cannot sustain relationships. In C.S Lewis’s, “The Four Love’s”, he expresses, storge, philia, eros, and agape. Storge may be seen mostly as affection. This type of love does not require equality. It is the love that children have for their parents or an owner for his/her dog. Is it not true that utilitarian’s have parents and thus love them? Sadly, it is possible for someone not to love their parents; however it is not possible that every utilitarian’s alive not to love their parents. It is also possible for a utilitarian’s to deny the love of their pet, but again it is not possible for all utilitarian’s to deny love for their pet. Utilitarian’s however, may use their parents or their pets. For example, a spoiled child may know that whenever she pouts, her father may be lenient and she therefore, can attend a gathering later that night. Whenever she is older she may also use her pouts with other individuals including her father in order to get what she wants. A man may have a dog, only to himself pleasure, but may not treat him to the vet annually, pay for grooming etc. because it does not benefit him. In some cases utilitarian’s may see plenty of things in their lives as replaceable. The second type of love is philia or the love of friendship. This type of love requires equality. Friendship can be made through associations such as students who attend the same school, or work the same job. These types of…

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