United States Long Before Its Independence Operated Under A Slave Ran Economy

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The United States long before its independence operated under a slave ran economy. The slaves were imported from Africa and brought to the southern part of the country to work as animals in crops for food and profit. The establishment of such society institutionalized the subservient economic practices as seen by the Three-Fifths Compromise. Similarly, Native Americans also suffered institutionalized racism because of the expansion of the United States. The nation aspired to build railroads , in essence to realize the Manifest Destiny in order to expand through the whole region and properly connect the nation. The Kansas-Nebraska Act (1854), initiated the process of dispossessing land from Native Americans (West 2009). The dispossession of land meant that the land of Native Americans would be utilized for building and therefore Native Americans would be required to relocate.

By 1861, the South had seceded from the union, largely divided its different approach the role African-Americans played in their society. However, despite the Union’s victory and the subsequent reunification of the south, the region’s social practices remained intact. Following the Civil War, President Andrew Johnson became president and was charged with issuing legislation towards the south to bring the nation back together. Nonetheless, President Johnson’s segregationist convictions did the exact opposite. Johnson would provide pardons to Southerners and Confederates across the country, returning…

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