United States Gained Independence From Britain Essay

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In 1776 the United States gained independence from Britain. After we finally gained our freedom the founders spent years building the government. However at this time in the United States history we still didn’t have a unified leader. To fix this problem our country in 1789 started the decision making process to find a country leader while we were just beginning and forming our initial free foundation. Which led us to the first president of the United States, George Washington, whom was unanimously elected by The Electoral College. Washington was elected into office when the country was facing many issues such as the states having more power in the government than the actual government had over the states, which caused the government to be often ineffective. A large problem the country also faced at this time was that Washington was a General over the Army in The Revolution and when he was elected president there was no army other than small state and town militias, but overall no defense. Also before Washington was elected the U.S. took money and goods from many different countries because their surplus was depleted in the war causing the new country to fall into debt to many European nations, which caused the U.S to lose the respect of the other civilized countries in the “old world” or Europe. Throughout Washington 's Presidency he was faced with many challenges such as problems in foreign policy, political parties, and economically.
First, the United States had issues in…

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