U.s. Foreign Human Rights Violations Essay

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With the recent attacks on Christians by Isis, people have been wondering whether or not America should step in militarily for those whose rights are being consistently violated. However, the U.S. should not militarily step into foreign human rights violations; the U.S. must prioritize its own citizens. America shouldn’t step into foreign human rights violations so that we can prioritize what is best for American citizens.

The historical precedents set by previous American wars support only joining wars when we are directly threatened. In WWI, Germany took the “Sussex pledge” during WWI saying that they would not engage in unrestricted submarine warfare, but since America was aiding the Allies with supplies, Germany considered America to no longer be neutral. They decided to violate the pledge in order to end the war more quickly. President Wilson severed diplomatic ties with Germany after they violated the submarine warfare agreement. After this, Wilson waited to see if the possibility of negotiating with Germany was still on the table. Trying to remain separate from the conflict, Wilson was not going to antagonize Germany as long as they refrained from attacking U.S. ships. However, Germany targeted and sank many U.S. ships; this killed many U.S. sailors and citizens. This only sped America’s entry into the war. Wilson was in

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the middle of dealing with the submarine crisis when he learned of Germany’s attempt to form…

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