Types Of Body Languages Can Change The Entire Perspective On People 's Minds

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A lot of times when the word nonverbal communication comes to people 's minds they usually think of American Sign Language and how deaf people use it on day to day basis to communicate to others but little do they know that it happens in our everyday life amongst every one around the world. Whether it 's something as quick as a head nod or someone displaying large amounts of hand gestures while telling a story. This is something most people are unaware that they do something that happens subconsciously. Knowing how to read types of body languages can change the entire perspective on so many things. It can really show how sometimes what people say isn’t necessarily mean what they mean. For instance, if one were to invite me to a party that I didn 't want to go to and I reply to them with my body slouched down in a lazy manner and my eyes rolled saying "sure that sounds fun I 'll love to go" from my facial expression and body language it can clearly be stated that I have no interest in attending the event. This can happen anywhere and although audio plays such a small factor in the matter for the most part it 's clear what 's occurring in the moment. Early October my two friends and I headed down to Menchies my favorite frozen yogurt place to satisfy our sweet tooth. We arrived there at 10 and the shop doesn 't open until 11:00 so we walked down a couple of shops where I spotted this bench where we decided to let the time go by until they open. Behind me I heard cars…

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