Transcendentalism And The American Experience Essay

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After reading Emerson’s ideals Transcendentalism in English Three Edited by: Dave Bean and Anne Rothacker of the American Experience, it defines Transcendentalism as an Ideology rather than a religion. In Emerson’s writings he explains this. “The transcendental law, Emerson believed, was the “moral law,” through which human beings discover the nature of God, a living spirit yet it had been the practice of historical Christianity--”as if God were dead”--...”(182). Emerson believed that transcendentalism respected god as spiritual being rather than being alive and watching over us. Emerson thanked god for his creations in nature, but looked at Christianity as a thing of the past. He viewed nature as the living spirit of god, rather than god always being present in this world. Transcendentalism then becomes an ideology, due to the fact that there are no specific practices involved with it. There are no rules to Transcendentalism, it is up to oneself what to make of it. Emerson, and other writers like Thoreau, and Momaday follow these ideals as a way of living their lives, not religiously but ideally what they wanted from it. This essay will discuss and prove the definition of Transcendentalism, looking at its ideals based on Emerson’s, Thoreau’s, and Momaday’s writings. Touching on the ideals as previously discussed of Transcendentalism being an ideology not a religion, as well as ideals such as Oversoul, the Transparent Eyeball, and being one with nature comparing to a first…

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