Thomas Paine 's Common Sense Essay

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According to some commentators, common sense is the equivalent of one’s moral powers (Tocqueville, 213). However, common sense has been described as part of human moral sensibilities and affections with an inherent ability to reason freely. In other words, common sense is an all-inclusive faculty of the mind that gives people the power to make a decision between right and wrong in any prevailing situation (Paine). Through common sense, it was believed that significant social as well as political achievements were eminent. Citizens used affection and reason to know what was right and wrong in the government and society in general. On the other hand, Thomas Paine’s common sense pamphlet, written during the time of America’s revolution, was a major vehicle that led American citizens to revolution inventions (Tocqueville). In his document, Thomas openly argues against British rule and advocates for a new America of freedom and better governance (Paine). He gave philosophical, rational arguments, citing political and economic reasons for separation of America from the Great Britain. This gave many Americans renewed impetus in their quest for independence from the Great Britain. His main objective was to steer America towards independence by awakening and stimulating the American citizenry to exercise common sense in their quest for independence. The objective of this essay is to present the historical significance of Thomas Paine’s common sense.
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