Thomas Jefferson 's Declaration Of Independence, And Supporting The Virginia Statue Of Religious Freedom

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In 1776 congress choose four people from the legislature to create a document giving reasoning why it was time to become it’s own nation. Thomas Jefferson was one of the four that was on the party of created what our nation is built upon. However Jefferson only wanted to be remembered for founding the University of Virginia, Drafting the Declaration of Independence, and supporting the Virginia Statue of Religious Freedom. The purpose of the document was to show to Britain but to other countries the colonies were prepared to stand alone without any other assistance. It used a various rhetorical devices such as ethos, logos, and aphorism. The creation of the document was when the king started to have stricter regulations directed to the thirteen colonies’. Taxes started too become harsher and trade was being seized. Which affected the economy of the colonies. Repetition was used to explain what the king did to the colonies. The group of words “He is” was used to emphasize to people of the thirteen colonies and even to bring attention the Britain that they actually caused more damage than they might not have realized. Also using “He is” was not labeling the entire British parliament but just to name the King himself. Primarily to show the abuse and humiliation was enough. However, grabbing the attention from foreign countries that they’ve been under the abuse and is still able to stand strong against anyone else. Leading up to the creation of the Declaration of…

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