The Yellow Wallpaper, By Kate Chopin

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Women in the late 1800s were given a career which was marriage. A career where women will stay home under the authority of her husband. A job that made women feel enslaved by men. They could not give personal opinions or speak out to the world. Women felt they would never be able to be something great because men prohibited it through their marriage. This sexual politics inspired writers to illustrate the problems married women faced in the hands of men. Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s short story “The Yellow Wallpaper” and Kate Chopin’s short story “The story of an hour” both manifests the idea that women’s oppression by men in marriage made it difficult for women to assert independence.

When reading the “ The yellow wallpaper” the reader notices that Charlotte Perkins Gilman does not give a name to the narrator. The purpose for this is to infer that a woman 's entitlement is given up when she gets married. Marriage in the late 1800s caused women to give up their last name, their property, and their voice. This is why john’s name is always mention throughout the story. He is the man oppressing the female narrator through his marriage by silencing her. John, “a physician of high standing”(345, Gilman), assures the narrator “that there is really nothing matter with one but temporary nervous depression” meaning the female narrator has depression and just needs rest. However, The narrator “disagrees with their ideas”(345,Gilman). She believes if women…

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